Can Kelly's offense be stopped?

Eagles coach Chip Kelly had a lot to smile about after watching Michael Vick on Monday night. Rob Carr/Getty Images

Like most fans, I was excited for the debut of "Monday Night Football" -- but even more so for the regular-season debut of Chip Kelly's highly touted offense. From my first glimpse, I was riveted.

It's pretty rare that a massive schematic change instantly impacts the NFL, but Monday was one of those instances. If I write a sequel to my book ("The Games That Changed the Game") the Eagles' win over the Redskins would get its own chapter.

In the aftermath, we've spent a week digesting the speed (83 offensive snaps) and effectiveness (443 total yards) of the new-look Eagles offense. But the question we keep coming back to is whether this offense is sustainable. I'm an old-school guy, and I'll admit that my first reaction to whether a college strategy can succeed in the NFL is to doubt it. When it comes to the schemes Kelly showed off Monday, though, I think this offense can absolutely have sustained success in the National Football League -- although that comes with a caveat.