Broncos' second-half secrets

Peyton Manning was superb again for the Denver Broncos on Sunday against the Giants. Elsa/Getty Images

After an impressive 41-23 win over the New York Giants, we are starting to see a trend with this Denver Broncos team, more specifically with Peyton Manning's offense. Just like on opening night in Week 1 against Baltimore, the Broncos played a quality opponent very close in the first half (Denver led 10-9 at the half) and then pulled away in the second half. Denver has outscored its opponents 66-24 in the second half through two weeks. What is Denver doing differently in second halves, and can they keep it up?

Denver has faced two quality opponents, but both have been outclassed from a talent perspective. Baltimore ran into a perfect storm of problems early in the second half of their game against the Broncos, as Michael Oher and Jacoby Jones went out, which crippled the passing attack and pass protection. They also muffed a punt deep in their own end and failed to review a dropped pass at a critical juncture. The Ravens' run defense was strong, but Manning realized that Baltimore's secondary, specifically its safeties, were no match for the extreme weaponry at his disposal. And the altitude affected Baltimore's already-tired defense in the second half.

On Sunday, the Giants had two big problems in the second half.