Roots of Redskins' defensive mess

David Amerson and the Redskins have struggled to cap opposing offenses in 2013. Benny Sieu/USA TODAY Sports

The season is only two weeks old but we've already seen some things that make us stand up and take notice. But in some cases, taking notice ultimately forces you to shake your head. And few units could cause the level of head-shaking the Washington Redskins' defense has through two games.

So far the Redskins have played some unbelievably bad defense, and it's a level that, if sustained, would almost certainly derail their entire season.

It starts with the tackling. Or attempted tackling, if you will, because with 30 missed tackles the Redskins have missed 10 more than any other team. To put that in perspective, the Bears and Saints have missed just seven. Sometimes you can isolate the problem, but as the numbers below (see the chart) show, Washington is spreading the failure around.