Can Steelers' offense be fixed?

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense has been stagnant this season. Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people saw problems coming for the Pittsburgh Steelers on the offensive side of the ball, but it's surprising how bad this unit has been this season. Right now this looks like a team that has more questions than answers and the prospects of turning this season around are not very good.

The Steelers have no running game. Injuries and inconsistent play have devastated the offensive line and they lack a true No. 1 receiver. That has forced Ben Roethlisberger to try and carry the whole offense on his shoulders, but through two games he has looked very erratic. His passes have sailed on him, the sight adjustments with his receivers has been nonexistent and his decision-making has been spotty, leading to forced passes into coverage.

This was clearly a much better offense last season, so I went back to the film room to see what offensive plays really worked for them in 2012 and what hasn't worked so far in 2013.

Can Pittsburgh turn the offense around this season?

1. The run game -- This was not an elite run game a year ago, but it looked like an area where we would see steady improvement. The organization made significant investments to upgrade its O-line and the prospects of a young and athletic group were very promising. They were making the transition from a power run game into a zone-blocking run scheme, and the play below is a good example of why they were so much better last season.