Denver's Mile High advantage

Peyton Manning made it look easy against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY Sports

While the Seattle Seahawks have the best home-field advantage of any team in the NFL, the Denver Broncos clearly have the second-best. Their advantage mostly stems from the lack of oxygen due to the high altitude, but combining that with Peyton Manning's up-tempo, no-huddle offense has made the Broncos look unbeatable at home. This team is built to play at Mile High, and that's why it's so important for Denver to secure home-field advantage for the playoffs.

Let's take a look at what makes Denver's offense so potent and which AFC contenders are best suited to defend Manning's attack.

As it shows week after week no matter the opponent, Manning's offense can simply play any style of game and dictate the flow and tempo of the game. He has seen it all, never forgets what he has processed and doesn't panic. He has a rare mind for the game to know when to speed things up and when to slow them down. The Broncos, unlike his old Indianapolis Colts offenses, use a much wider group of skill position players, as well as personnel groups and formations. They rotate skill players in, which of course helps to keep them fresh in the high altitude.