Weaknesses for NFL contenders

Andrew Luck has been great, but can he make up for the Colts' two glaring weaknesses? AP Photo/AJ Mast

As I talked about last week, as an NFL coach you know what your strengths and weaknesses are by this point of the season. And more important, good teams recognize how to play to those strengths and cover those weaknesses. If the quarterback is struggling getting the ball downfield, lean on the running game. If the defense is having trouble getting off the field, make sure your offense is keeping possession of the ball and giving their teammates on defense plenty of rest. And it doesn't hurt if you have Peyton Manning guiding your team, either.

Of course, only one team at a time can have Peyton Manning, but most of the top teams in the NFL right now have a quarterback who isn't going to lose them a game, even if he isn't viewed as "elite." But those teams also are far from perfect in other areas. Let's take a look at the biggest weakness for six of the NFL's top teams (three in the AFC, three in the NFC).

Denver Broncos: Pass defense

Yes, the pass D might not matter if Manning and this offense keep putting up 46 points per game, but this flaw should be obvious to anyone who saw the Broncos give up 506 yards passing to Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.