Can Schaub overcome struggles?

Matt Schaub has struggled this season, but Ron Jaworski believes the Texans QB can turn it around. Bob Levey/Getty Images

We know Matt Schaub is struggling. His mark of four games with a pick-six has led to some unpleasantness off the field in Houston as well as some disappointing results on it for both Schaub and the Texans. So how does he turn it around?

I spent 17 years playing QB in the NFL, and not every day was a good one. You're going to go through slumps, and that's what we're seeing from Schaub. He just has to get his head right.

To do that, let's look back at where he's come up short. I've broken down each of his nine interceptions (minus two tipped-ball picks) this season to try to root out the main cause, diagnose the problem and make a few suggestions as he heads into Sunday's matchup against the Rams.

The Picks

Interception No. 3: Week 2 versus Tennessee Titans
Situation: third-and-21, HOU 10-yard line

Let's fast forward to Schaub's third pick of the season, because I believe the first two weren't his fault following tipped balls. The third interception is a little different. The Texans are backed up near their end zone, trailing the Titans by one point. Houston runs an all-go route, with all four receivers running deep. Inexplicably, Schaub throws the pass just 10 yards past the line of scrimmage. His target, rookie WR DeAndre Hopkins, goes long while corner Alterraun Verner stays short. It's picked off and returned for a touchdown, which is devastating in a close game.

On this play, we're not seeing a horrible Schaub, but we do see miscommunication. There's blame to be placed somewhere in the QB/receiver combination, but I can't say it's on Schaub for sure. Unfortunately for Matt, things have gotten worse as the season's gone along. And he hasn't been getting much help from the play calling, either.