Who should make a big deal?

The NFL's trade deadline is coming up on Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET.

Historically, in-season trades have been timid compared to other leagues, but we have seen some excitement in recent years, with the Patriots trading Randy Moss to Minnesota in 2010 and this season's stunning deal of Trent Richardson from the Browns to the Colts.

We probably will see some action in the coming days, but the question is what should we see? The perfect in-season trade would ideally involve these two components:

  • A contender in need of a final piece to the championship puzzle or a key injury replacement.

  • A team not going anywhere this season that has value worth giving up now to improve in the long term with a draft pick next year.

Players such as Adrian Peterson (hopeless Minnesota) and Josh Gordon (sinking Cleveland) fit the second requirement, but which teams would make the best trade partners?