Weak points for top contenders

Russell Wilson has been under constant pressure this season in Seattle. Matt Kartozian/USA TODAY Sports

At this point in the season, no one is surprised that the Seattle Seahawks' defense is dominant (except against Mike Glennon, of course) and no one is expecting the Jacksonville Jaguars to make a miraculous playoff run.

But even contenders like the Seahawks aren't without problems. We've previously examined a potential problem area for the Bengals, but let's take a look at the biggest weakness for the other top contenders in the AFC and the NFC and how each team can solve the issue before the playoffs.


Seattle Seahawks: Offensive line

Russell Wilson has seen both of his top receiving options heading into the year, Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice, sidelined or ineffective for the vast majority of the season. But that hasn't been the biggest ordeal he's faced.