Pass-rush impact in Chiefs-Broncos

Tamba Hali and the Chiefs' pass-rushers will be on Peyton Manning in a hurry. John Rieger/USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning gets so much credit for the success of the Broncos' offense. What about receivers? And what about his blockers? Those guys protect him from harm like almost no other quarterback in the NFL ... uh, except when they push a defender into his legs, as happened last week, right after we put out an article ranking the line as fifth-best in the NFL.

This week, with the Chiefs' potent defense poised to take on that strong Broncos front, is about breaking pass protection -- in other words, it's about the pass rush, the guys who aim to put the hurt on the likes of Manning. The Chiefs come into this week's highlighted matchup against the Broncos with the most sacks in the NFL. But are they the best pass rush in the NFL? Or is their secondary also helping them? That is what our new pass-rush metric is supposed to help determine by factoring in how long a quarterback holds the ball and how long the secondary keeps guys from getting open.

On the other side of the ball, the Broncos have had Von Miller back from suspension for three weeks. How has his return affected their ability to pressure quarterbacks?

And which NFL team holds the league's best pass-rush unit? We now have the answer all those questions.