NFL's top Year 2 players

Damon Harrison leads all Year 2 players in Pro Football Focus grading. Rich Barnes/USA TODAY Sports

Rookies, rookies, rookies.

We're as guilty as anyone when it comes to focusing on the NFL's flashy new toys, but it's perhaps more interesting to look at the guys who are in their second year. Indeed, after having a full year to adapt to life in the NFL, players provide a more accurate reflection of their abilities in a league that has learned a little something about their strengths and weaknesses. When the element of surprise is minimized, what remains is a truer reflection of talent.

So, who has stood out through Week 11? Here are our top 10 graded Year 2 players.

(Note: It's important to remember that grades across position aren't necessarily comparable. For more details on the Pro Football Focus grading system, click here.)

1. Damon Harrison, DT, Jets: +23.4
Now, this isn't to say Harrison is the best player from the 2012 draft class. He's not. But, in terms of the role he plays as the zero technique (who can play other spots) for the Jets, you'd struggle to find a more effective defender of the run. He does more than simply eat up blocks, as his 12.1 run stop percentage shows (fourth best of all defensive tackles).