Film Notes: Hasselbeck thriving

After breaking down film, Scouts Inc. gives its take on what to watch in the NFL this weekend:

1. Matt Hasselbeck is playing at a very high level: We know he is putting up big numbers through four games, but when you watch him on film, it looks as if he is playing the best football of his career. He is using all of his weapons, including his tight ends, and he sees the entire field. On film, you see him routinely look at three or four receivers before making his final decision. He is playing behind a very good offensive line that pass blocks very well, and the blitz pickup is excellent, which gives him a lot of comfort to sit in the pocket and look very relaxed. What makes this more amazing is that the Titans' passing game is generating all this production without the benefit of a great run game yet, and that takes away some potential play-action opportunities. Hasselbeck also is producing without his best weapon, Kenny Britt.