2011 NFL Playoffs Predictor

No more excuses. No more bye weeks. No more shanked chip shots or careless fumbles, wasted timeouts or short-armed passes. This is the playoff period where contenders emerge, pretenders fade and fans on the Andrew Luck watch console themselves with thoughts of what could be. It's a simple process from here: You don't necessarily need clear eyes or even full hearts, but you most definitely can't lose. Using the efficiency formulas and projections at numberFire, we're projecting the playoffs to give you a better sense of where your team is going to end up.

Week 11 had a lot of great individual performances, but didn't dramatically shift the brackets -- well, at least outside of New York, where both the Jets and Giants are now clearly on the outside looking in. The brackets continue to tickle the fancy of Bengals fans. But just barely.

Please note that all rankings refer to the efficiency as calculated by numberFire, not the gross yardage.