2011 NFL Playoffs Predictor

Despite the excitement of Week 14, very few things change this week, as the upper seeds of the bracket appear to be set in stone while the lower seeds are firming up their positions for the postseason. The biggest mover on the NFC side is the Giants, whose fourth-quarter heroics against the Cowboys make them 28.9 percent more likely to make the playoffs, a figure that should temporarily cease all the hate mail we get from the metropolitan New York area. On the AFC side, Tim Tebow and his magical, never-say-die Broncos continue to fly up the charts, landing at the No. 4 seed in the AFC this week, thanks to the endless generosity of Marion Barber.

Moving in the wrong direction this week are the Bengals (minus-32.7 percent), who seem to be showing their youth and are finally coming back down to Earth after an impressive start, and the Bears (minus-30.5 percent), who simply can't afford mistakes like Barber's while trying to overcome their injury issues.

Below is how the 2012 NFL playoff bracket looks as of today, according to numberFire's projections.

Please note that all rankings refer to the opponent-adjusted efficiency as calculated by numberFire, not the gross yardage.