Five options for Tim Tebow

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So, Stephen Ross, you want to make a splash, eh?

The Miami Dolphins owner is on the record as saying he wanted to make waves this offseason. But let's be honest: We know he was talking about Peyton Manning, not the guy Manning is set to replace.

But it makes sense applied the other way around.

When you're talking about the future of Tim Tebow, "splash" is the key word. It's attention, waves, commotion, ticket sales. But "splash" with Tebow means something different than short-term success -- and that is something every general manager knows. This isn't intended to be a shot at Tebow, but in assessing his market, you have to realize many evaluators around the league do not share an optimistic view on his viability as a starter, period. He needs time to develop.

Tebow was given the chance to start in Denver, but I still view him as a developmental project as a passer, and that's not a unique stance. So the question is whether a team will trade for him with a "splash" in mind -- i.e., starting him now -- or with development in mind, that willingness to take a long-range approach on a guy with physical talent and incredible intangibles.