Sherman on the hot seat

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Here are five observations on the Green Bay Packers, based on their Aug. 4 practice:

1. To me, it's puzzling why Mike Sherman doesn't have a contract extension by now. Graciously, Sherman surrendered the role of general manager this past offseason. It was part health and part realization that it's hard for a coach to be the general manager, too. Sherman agreed to the decision to let Ted Thompson be the general manager. Remember, it was the Packers who asked him to be the general manager. Now, Sherman is in the last year of his contract. His agent, Bob LaMonte, has been quietly working behind the scenes to extend a contract that expires after the season. Thompson has the final say on deciding Sherman's future.

"Mike and I have talked, but nothing has changed," Thompson said. "We want to try to make sure it's the right fit. Everything is going well."