Henson having delivery issues

Here are five observations on the Dallas Cowboys, based on their Aug. 9 practice in Oxnard, Calif., and their Aug. 13 preseason game against the Cardinals in Tempe, Ariz.:

1. Forget about Drew Henson's competing with Drew Bledsoe for playing time. Henson is having a hard enough time beating out Tony Romo for the backup job and it appears he is heading into the season as the team's third quarterback. During the offseason, coaches worked with Henson on his delivery, but he is having some issues. Occasionally, Henson lets a little bit of that baseball wrist action get into his delivery. When that happens, the ball comes out awkwardly.

Bill Parcells isn't taking the time to develop the supposed quarterback of the future. Henson threw only 18 passes last season. With Romo expected to be the backup, Henson will be lucky if he gets into any games. In some ways, it's sad to see. At Michigan, Henson had the look of a top quarterback prospect, but he elected to climb up the Yankees' organization. Henson doesn't look as confident and as sharp as he did in camp last summer.