Leftwich is center of attention

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Here are five observations on the Jacksonville Jaguars, based on their Aug. 4-5 practices:

1. Step out of the riverfront hotel that served as the media headquarters for Super Bowl XXXIX just seven months ago, walk only a few blocks toward Alltel Stadium, and the caffeine attacks your senses. This city is home to the Maxwell House Coffee Co., and given its proximity to the stadium and the Jacksonville Jaguars' practice fields, it's a wonder that coach Jack Del Rio doesn't have the most wired team in the league.

One man definitely high on the offense being installed by new coordinator Carl Smith is quarterback Byron Leftwich, who has taken well to the attacking style and whose grasp of the passing game has come surprisingly quickly. Leftwich is a more cerebral player than he's usually given credit for. Now, provided an audible system after two seasons in which he could not check off and was essentially forced to run the plays that were called, this underrated component of his game might shine through in 2005.