Warner brings stability to QB position

As another NFL season approaches, Scouts Inc. breaks down every roster and offers position-by-position breakdowns.

With Josh McCown, John Navarre and Shaun King each getting a chance to lead the team (and each struggling) last year, the position was a revolving door. Some of the blame falls on a poor offensive line that couldn't pass block or pick up the blitz, and some goes to a weak run game that opponents didn't respect. It didn't help that coach Dennis Green had such a quick hook. That should change in 2005.

Free agent Kurt Warner gives the team its best opportunity to win now. Warner's health and fortitude have been questioned in recent years, but he is experienced and still is very accurate when given time in the pocket. McCown, the starter heading into last season, often was running for his life and, given his experience, made the best of a bad situation. He made questionable reads and lacked patience, but he is big, mobile and still could develop into a starter.