Improved WRs should help Boller

As another NFL season approaches, Scouts Inc. breaks down every roster and offers position-by-position breakdowns.

The man who could hold the key to Baltimore's fortunes in 2005 is quarterback Kyle Boller. He has been given every opportunity to develop, but it has been a slow process that still isn't complete. The Ravens had the league's second-worst passing offense last year, and Boller was up and down despite getting adequate protection and quality support from the run game.

After possibly being overwhelmed by input last year, Boller hears the voice of only one man in his earhole now: Jim Fassel, the Ravens' new offensive coordinator, who helped Boller make some strides while working as a team consultant in '05. Boller has tools -- a strong arm and excellent mobility -- but he still struggles to read defenses and find secondary receivers.