Chiefs must generate pressure

As another NFL season approaches, Scouts Inc. breaks down every roster and offers position-by-position breakdowns.

Trent Green has been so efficient over the last several years that he has spoiled fans of the Chiefs. He is easy to take for granted. Last season, without the benefit of many explosive weapons, he led the Chiefs to the top of the league rankings in total offense and No. 4 in passing.

At 35, he shows no signs of slowing down, but he must be well-protected. He no longer is very mobile or much of a threat to scramble. But the more time he gets in the pocket, the better he can read his progressions and find second and third options, which is his strength. Green uses a lot of movement and motion in his pre-snap reads to get create good matchups. He also excels at getting the Chiefs out of bad plays and into good plays at the line.