Parcells puts his stamp on Dallas' D

Every offseason brings change in the NFL, not only in terms of players and coaches, but, by extension, new philosophies and schemes. NFL coaches and front offices do a great job of self evaluating, and many times they will tweak their schemes or philosophies to better fit their personnel, or simply to get better production. Let's take a look, team by team, at the philosophical changes heading into the 2005 season.


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys
Although the Bill Parcells era in Dallas might not last much longer, there is no question that in this offseason, the head coach changed the look of his team on both sides of the ball. He is adding his stamp to it, and he is going to put a team on the field that reflects his personality and his past successes.

Offensively, the Cowboys will run the ball even more in 2005 than they did a year ago, because Parcells now knows he can trust second-year RB, Julius Jones, who showed a lot of durability in 2004 and already has proven that he can carry the load. Parcells also knows he has to take the pressure off his new quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, and not depend on the passing game. Big production from Jones can do not only that, but it also can keep the defense off the field while it still is in rebuilding mode.

Dallas offensive coordinator Sean Payton will oversee the passing game, while Tony Sparano will oversee the run game, but these two seem to work well together, and there should not be a lot of conflict. A lot of teams in the NFL split the duties in terms of game plans and preparations, and with Maurice Carthon gone to Cleveland, it seams to make sense for Dallas.