Falcons need more consistency from offense

Every offseason brings change in the NFL, not only in terms of players and coaches, but, by extension, new philosophies and schemes. NFL coaches and front offices do a great job of self evaluating, and many times they will tweak their schemes or philosophies to better fit their personnel, or simply to get better production. Let's take a look, team by team, at the philosophical changes heading into the 2005 season.


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta tried to institute the West Coast offense a year ago with talented QB Michael Vick, and they finished the season with mixed reviews. Vick is always going to be a great weapon as a runner and a guy who will stretch the perimeter of the defense, but because of his unpredictable nature, his offensive line never knows what he is doing to do. As a result, it makes their blocking schemes tough and they gave up an incredible 46 sacks a year ago with a QB that is tough to get to.

Offensive coordinator Greg Knapp is working this offseason on more short routes in the passing game, with Vick taking a lot of three-step drops and getting the ball out on crossing routes where his receivers can concentrate on making yards after the catch rather than emphasizing a lot of vertical routes. They are also using their best weapon, TE Alge Crumpler, a lot out of a slot formation to get him in good man to man match ups.