Ravens sport new looks all around

Every offseason brings change in the NFL, not only in terms of players and coaches, but, by extension, new philosophies and schemes. NFL coaches and front offices do a great job of self evaluating, and many times they will tweak their schemes or philosophies to better fit their personnel, or simply to get better production. Let's take a look, team by team, at the philosophical changes heading into the 2005 season.


AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are undergoing significant changes on offense heading into the 2005 season, with Jim Fassel switching from a consultant's role to offensive coordinator and former University of Washington head coach Rick Neuheisel coming on board as QB coach. This gives the Ravens a lot of experience and creativity in putting together offensive packages for young QB Kyle Boller.

Look for Fassel, who has complete control of this offense, to be less predictable in his play-calling, especially on first and second downs, where the Ravens have been primarily a power run offense. In order to create favorable match ups for Boller, Fassel will utilize a play-action package and will have more shifts and motions than the Ravens have had in the past, but at the end of the day, this is still a run oriented offense.