Saints need Brooks to avoid mistakes

As another NFL season approaches, Scouts Inc. breaks down every roster and offers position-by-position breakdowns.

Aaron Brooks has awesome potential. He puts god zip on his downfield passes, flashes the ability to lead receivers when throwing underneath and is a dangerous open field runner. The problem is he has yet to realize that potential, as he doesn't always make sound decisions and appears to have problems reading defenses at times. However, don't give up on Brooks yet.

New Orleans is expected to simplify his reads and give him more time to break the defense down by getting the play into the huddle quicker. If these adjustments have the desired effect, Brooks could have a big year.

Todd Bouman is tall enough to see the entire field, is athletic enough to buy time in the pocket and protects the ball fairly well, making him an adequate backup. At 32, he's on the downside of his career. He failed to throw a pass in a regular season game last year and would likely struggle if he had to start for an extended period of time, so it's important he stays healthy.