Brady, Belichick should keep Pats on top

As another NFL season approaches, Scouts Inc. breaks down every roster and offers position-by-position breakdowns.

As long as Tom Brady stays healthy, this position will be in excellent hands for years to come. He doesn't have elite tools or the gaudiest stats, but within New England's team philosophy, Brady is the perfect leader. He plays with poise, spreads the ball around to all of his weapons and is money in the bank when the game is on the line. He will miss departed offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, but Brady knows the scheme so well and the offense has such a variety of viable weapons that he should have little trouble with the transition.

Ageless Doug Flutie will serve as the primary backup and is sure to be a popular figure around New England, but the dropoff from Brady to Flutie is precipitous. Flutie's most valuable role likely will be contributing to game preparation during the week and helping with adjustments on Sundays. He still is mobile, but his once-middling arm strength no longer is even adequate.

If Brady misses any significant playing time, the offense likely would be in trouble. No. 3 Rohan Davey showed some promise two years ago, but he seems to have hit his ceiling and probably isn't capable of leading this offense. Rookie seventh-rounder Matt Cassell -- the backup to the two Heisman trophy winners at USC -- isn't a bad developmental quarterback for the practice squad.