Leinart holdout hitting Cards where they hurt

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Here are five observations on the Arizona Cardinals, based on camp practices of July 31:

1. Cornerback Antrel Rolle looked like a Pro Bowler in his first day of practice. With fearless anticipation, he stepped in front of a John Navarre sideline pass for an interception that went for a touchdown. On another play he swatted the ball out of the hands of Larry Fitzgerald, coming from behind him in the middle of the field. Rolle has a chance to emerge as the third or fourth star on the Cardinals' defense.

Safety Adrian Wilson is already a star with his range and blitzing ability. Defensive end Bertrand Berry is an established Pro Bowl pass rusher. Linebacker Karlos Dansby and defensive tackle Darnell Dockett are getting recognition leaguewide as the next of the young defenders on the rise.