Shanahan in no rush to develop Cutler

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Here are five observations on the Denver Broncos, based on camp practices of Aug. 1:

1. Jay Cutler has the look of a top NFL quarterback. He has the strong arm and the smarts. Still, head coach Mike Shanahan won't rush him. Cutler is running the third team behind Jake Plummer and Bradlee Van Pelt.

The thought going around camp is that Cutler won't catch Van Pelt for the backup job until sometime during the season. Everyone knows it is particularly hard for any rookie quarterback to step in and run the West Coast offense. Shanahan doesn't need to do that with Cutler. He can take time to groom him. Cutler has all the tools. His strong arm really shows during goal-line plays and when he rifles the slant pass. From three-step drops, Cutler can step back quickly and fire a throw into the numbers of a receiver.