Seahawks not abandoning 'Blast' play

CHENEY, Wash. -- Here are five observations on the Seattle Seahawks, based on their preseason game Aug. 12 and training camp practice Aug. 14:

1. The Seahawks don't plan to change their running offense despite losing Pro Bowl left guard Steve Hutchinson. Their favorite running play, "blast," remains a staple despite the change at left guard. Blast is a running play to the weak side of the defense that quarterback Matt Hasselbeck calls in an audible. The play's success has been attributed to Shaun Alexander's elusiveness, along with the power blocking of Hutchinson and Walter Jones.

"We aren't the only team that runs it; everybody runs it," Hasselbeck said. "I think we are more physical running it. Plus, Shaun doesn't always hit the hole he's supposed to hit, anyways."