Vick, coaches not on same page

A strong relationship between a starting QB and his offensive coordinator or head coach is fundamental to the success of a football team. In the case of the Atlanta Falcons, that relationship is strained. This past offseason it became very apparent that Michael Vick is not happy with the offense and, while they have never said it publicly, it is fairly evident that offensive coordinator Greg Knapp and head coach Jim Mora Jr. aren't excited about the way Vick runs the system.

I have experience in this area. I came to the Cleveland Browns the year after Tim Couch was drafted. Couch had played in a shotgun system at Kentucky. The offense relied on a lot of short, quick throws. The offense in Cleveland consisted of a vertical passing game based off five- and seven-step drops. Head coach Chris Palmer believed he could make Couch fit the system.

Mora and Knapp didn't draft Vick, but feel he can adapt to their offensive system. Unfortunately, like Couch in Cleveland, Vick has struggled mightily to adapt to a West Coast offense.