Offense has plenty of young talent

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Here are five observations on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, gleaned from the training camp practices of July 30:

1. When a guy like 11-year veteran wide receiver Joey Galloway makes it a point to stop by and tell you he is "really excited" about his team's offense, you should listen. We did. "I probably said the same thing last year, but I'm not sure I actually believed it myself. But this year, believe me, the sky's the limit," said Galloway, still one of the NFL's fastest players ("Uh, not one of," he quickly corrected) at age 34.

Indeed, there is plenty of justification for the optimism surrounding the Bucs' offense in 2006. It has, at least for much of the team's run of success under Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden, been more of a stepsister unit, just trying to stay out of the way and not lose games as the Tampa Bay defense dominated opponents. There is a suspicion in some quarters that the defense, which has been so good for so long now under coordinator Monte Kiffin, could slip a bit this season because of age. We don't know that we buy into the theory yet. It's a whole lot easier, though, to buy into the offense as potentially being the best one the Bucs have assembled in many years.