QB spot biggest question on offense

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- Here are five observations on the New York Jets, gleaned from the training camp practice of Aug. 15:

1. The music at practice on Tuesday afternoon (see list to the right) was a lot louder than the Jets' offense figures to be during coach Eric Mangini's debut season. Mangini has his own resident CD-jockey and the guy cranks up the volume during certain segments of practice, although we haven't yet figured out the reasoning, or recovered from the din. The selection is incredibly varied, everything from YoungBloodZ to Young Jeezy & Akon to U2, and it's enough to make your ears bleed. Of course, if that was really the case, the Jets would not admit it, because they don't specify injuries. Heck, they probably don't admit that all of their players, as far as we could determine, have two ears. Anyway, at the risk of redundancy, there was a lot more rhythm emanating from the giant speakers on the sidelines than from the New York offense.