Roethlisberger ready to lead

LATROBE, PA. -- Here are five observations on the Steelers based on their Aug. 16 and 17 practices:

1. Accident? What accident? Remember when people were wondering whether Ben Roethlisberger's motorcycle accident would keep him from starting any regular season games? Well, not only has he fully recovered from his injuries but he's had as good a camp as any Steeler, earning praises from coach Bill Cowher. He's been consistently sharp in practice, one of the stars of the Steelers' summer at St. Vincent College.

Not only is Roethlisberger talented but also he's in the best situation a young quarterback could hope for, and not just in terms of supporting personnel, which hasn't experienced much turnover in his three years. He's worked with the same coaching staff his whole career, as well. "I'm getting a lot more comfortable with what's going on," Big Ben said last week. "Things are continuing to slow down, which helps a lot out there. By no means is it easy out there but it's getting easier. I'm able to know what our guys are doing more. I can tell guys if they're supposed to go in motion and run this route and even a couple of times at practice I'll change the play and tell guys instead of running the out, run the out and up, or run the post this time, just changing things up because I feel more comfortable with what's going on."