Seahawks camp preview

Three Burning Questions
How much will Steve Hutchinson's presence at LOG be missed?
Never before has an offensive-line position been so scrutinized -- especially the guard spot. When the offensive line does get any credit for a team's success, the praise is usually saved for the left tackle. Hutchinson is the best left guard in the game today, so his presence will be missed; the question is how much. Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack will get the first crack at replacing Hutchinson, but he isn't as polished or as mobile as Hutchinson. Seattle is one of the few teams that plays left-handed, meaning it considers the left side the strong side of the formation. A big key for the Seahawks' running game is being able to run to the left, which can cause confusion for opposing defenses in terms of how they need to align their front seven. The loss of Hutchinson will also put more pressure on veteran center Robbie Tobeck, who is near the end of his career.