Eagles camp preview

Three Burning Questions
Has the window closed on the Eagles, or are they still a playoff team?
Although injuries played a huge factor in 2005, the Eagles did not record one win in the NFC East last year. The Eagles have an outstanding quarterback in Donovan McNabb, and while they have a variety of weapons in the passing game on offense, they no longer have anybody who scares you or forces you to change a game plan. Defensively, they are still aggressive and have made dramatic improvements up front, but age is starting to be a factor, and this group needs to stay healthy to be a dominant force. The biggest challenge, as always, will be to have some kind of offensive balance. There is not much of a chance for the Eagles to have a legitimate running attack, so ball control will have to come from the short passing game. It is conceivable that the Eagles could improve and still finish last in a division that has three other teams that also got better in the offseason. Even if Philadelphia is competitive going into December, it has a three-week stretch at Washington, at the New York Giants and at Dallas -- a brutal way to wind down the season.