Observation deck: Pass rush a problem

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Five observations on the Tennessee Titans, gleaned from the team's Aug. 14 practices:

1. Limited on D
Popular thinking in many quarters is that, with cornerback Pacman Jones banished for the entire season, the Titans will rely heavily on a Tampa 2 coverage package for 2007. Not true. Tennessee will definitely play more zone coverages in general, in part because the Titans don't have a defender who even remotely approaches Jones' man-to-man abilities, and because it suits the
skill sets of the guys trying to replace him, like free agents Nick Harper and Kelly Herndon, and third-year pro Eric King. But coordinator Jim Schwartz will depend more on some Cover 3 and "quarters" designs, because it appears the Titans don't have a potent enough pass rush to support a Tampa 2 look.