Jets will finally be able to take off with Favre at QB

The saga is finally over and Brett Favre is now a member of the New York Jets. Acquiring Favre reportedly cost the Jets a fourth-round pick that could become a third-rounder or potentially even a first-rounder depending on how successful the Jets are this season. That fits with New York's win-now approach to its offseason.

While New York's offensive system is not the same West Coast offense that Favre ran last year in Green Bay, there is still plenty of time for the future Hall of Fame quarterback to get on the same page as the coaching staff and his teammates. The hard part will be coming from a terminology. The West Coast offense is built on a lot of verbiage with words telling what routes receivers are running while the Jets use a numbering mechanism to identify what receivers run what routes a lot of the time. It will be a matter of how quickly Favre can learn this new language. One huge advantage he has is he'll be working with Bill Callahan, who knows the West Coast offense and can help translate the Jets' offense for Favre. He'll be able to take the play and despite different terminology still show Favre how it is similar to plays he's run in Green Bay in the past. Callahan, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and Favre will sit down and identify certain things Favre's familiar and comfortable with and make them a big part of the offense early on. But Favre shouldn't have a hard time adjusting, it just may take a little time.