12 things: Cutler and Martz will struggle

Jay Cutler and Mike Martz could be a marriage made in Windy City hell. AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

Every Friday through the Super Bowl, David Fleming will check in with 12 things that would surprise him about the NFL. This week, with camps about to open, he shares his thoughts about the NFC.

I'd be surprised if ...

1. Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler and new offensive coordinator Mike Martz don't end up doing more damage in the Windy City than those dorky robot grocery cart thingies from Transformers 3 will. How long is the NFL's offseason? Just long enough, I suppose, for people to forget enough of the facts in order to think this odd couple will actually flourish.

Never mind that it's been ages since Martz coached an offense that ranked in the top 10 or that the 1999-00 St. Louis Rams had four future Hall of Famers on offense, or that last year, based on a complicated value formula I've come up with (cost of acquiring player versus performance) Cutler, with his 26 interceptions and seven wins, has to rank as one of the all-time worst quarterbacks any team has acquired in a trade. I used to think that Cutler, who is 24-29 as a starter (or 35-64 if you include college), probably hated the growing comparisons to Jeff George, but if he doesn't start turning things around, and quick, I bet it's George who will start objecting to the connection.