Scouts' Eye: C.J. Spiller is special

Rookie running back C.J. Spiller looks like he will be valuable to the Bills in a variety of roles. AP Photo/David Duprey

Scouts Inc. takes a look at major training camp storylines every week. Let's touch on a few observations from the most recent preseason games:

Bills running back C.J. Spiller is a special talent. He jumped off the screen this weekend with his explosiveness and big-play potential. Even though he's a rookie, Spiller is poised to play a lot of snaps in a variety of ways. Because of Fred Jackson's broken hand (which should keep him out at least a month) and Marshawn Lynch's ankle injury, Spiller will line up in the backfield more than the original plan suggested. He will line up all over the formation, in more of a wide receiver than running back role. Don't be surprised when he catches 50 or more passes in his rookie season. And he will contribute significantly as a returner, although the Bills have a wealth of return options, and if Spiller becomes too valuable on offense, that portion of his contributions could be reduced. Many -- myself included -- were critical of Buffalo for selecting Spiller where they did, but I am starting to think I was wrong for such criticism.