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Alert C: Character = Problems on and off the field

Drafted Players - Flags: Character
Cedric BensonRBTexas14(4)Chicago
Chris CantyDEVirginia431(132)Dallas
Maurice ClarettRBOhio State337(101)Denver
Channing CrowderILBFlorida36(70)Miami
Anthony DavisRBWisconsin729(243)Indianapolis
Kevin EverettTEMiami (FL)322(86)Buffalo
Fred GibsonWRGeorgia430(131)Pittsburgh
Geoff HangartnerCTexas A&M533(169)Carolina
Chris HenryWRWest Virginia319(83)Cincinnati
Richie IncognitoCNebraska317(81)Los Angeles
Marlin JacksonCBMichigan129(29)Indianapolis
Travis JohnsonDTFlorida State116(16)Houston
Matt JonesWRArkansas121(21)Jacksonville
Chris KemoeatuOGUtah630(204)Pittsburgh
Adrian McPhersonQBFlorida State516(152)New Orleans
Damien NashRBMissouri56(142)Tennessee
Odell ThurmanILBGeorgia216(48)Cincinnati
Rian WallaceILBTemple530(166)Pittsburgh
Darrent WilliamsCBOklahoma State224(56)Denver

Flags: Character
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