Flags: Mental
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Alert M: Mental = Does not retain and learn the system

Drafted Players - Flags: Mental
Larry BrackinsWRPearl River (JC)519(155)Tampa Bay
Mark BradleyWROklahoma27(39)Chicago
Jammal BrownOTOklahoma113(13)New Orleans
Jerome CarterSFlorida State416(117)Los Angeles
Maurice ClarettRBOhio State337(101)Denver
Nick CollinsCBBethune-Cookman219(51)Green Bay
Travis DanielsCBLSU43(104)Miami
Chauncey DavisDEFlorida State427(128)Atlanta
Ciatrick FasonRBFlorida411(112)Minnesota
Frank GoreRBMiami (FL)31(65)San Francisco
Kelvin HaydenCBIllinois228(60)Indianapolis
Chris HenryWRWest Virginia319(83)Cincinnati
Adam JonesCBWest Virginia16(6)Tennessee
Rasheed MarshallWRWest Virginia538(174)San Francisco
Mike MontgomeryDTTexas A&M66(180)Green Bay
Eric MooreDEFlorida State612(186)New York
Roscoe ParrishWRMiami (FL)223(55)Buffalo
Mike PattersonDTUSC131(31)Philadelphia
Tab PerryWRUCLA616(190)Cincinnati
Eric SheltonRBLouisville222(54)Carolina
Odell ThurmanILBGeorgia216(48)Cincinnati
Corey WebsterCBLSU211(43)New York

Flags: Mental
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