Flags: Speed
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Alert S: Speed = Player lacks ideal speed at position

Drafted Players - Flags: Speed
Hamza AbdullahSWashington State717(231)Tampa Bay
Calvin ArmstrongOTWashington State637(211)Philadelphia
Jason BrownCNorth Carolina423(124)Baltimore
Maurice ClarettRBOhio State337(101)Denver
Travis DanielsCBLSU43(104)Miami
Jon DunnOTVirginia Tech73(217)Cleveland
Trai EssexOTNorthwestern329(93)Pittsburgh
Ronald FieldsDTMississippi State51(137)San Francisco
Madison HedgecockFBNorth Carolina737(251)Los Angeles
Noah HerronRBNorthwestern730(244)Pittsburgh
Marcus JohnsonOTMississippi217(49)Minnesota
Adam KieftOTCentral Michigan517(153)Cincinnati
Andre MaddoxSNorth Carolina State525(161)New York
Pete McMahonOTIowa640(214)Oakland
Doug NienhuisOTOregon State740(254)Seattle
Karl PaymahCBWashington State312(76)Denver
Kenneth PettwayOLBGrambling State713(227)Houston
Duke PrestonCIllinois421(122)Buffalo
James SandersSFresno State432(133)New England
Adam SnyderOGOregon330(94)San Francisco
Marcus SpearsDELSU120(20)Dallas
Bill SwancuttDEOregon State610(184)Detroit
Lofa TatupuILBUSC213(45)Seattle
Claude TerrellOGNew Mexico433(134)Los Angeles
Pat ThomasILBNorth Carolina State620(194)Jacksonville
Jimmy VerdonDEArizona State718(232)New Orleans
Ray WillisOTFlorida State44(105)Seattle

Flags: Speed
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