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Drafted Players - G
 Dylan GandyOGTexas Tech428(129)Indianapolis
 Lionel GatesRBLouisville722(236)Buffalo
 Justin GeisingerOGVanderbilt623(197)Buffalo
 Eric GhiaciucCCentral Michigan418(119)Cincinnati
 Fred GibsonWRGeorgia430(131)Pittsburgh
 Matt GiordanoDBCalifornia434(135)Indianapolis
 Johnathan GoddardLBMarshall632(206)Detroit
 Frank GoreRBMiami31(65)San Francisco
 Eric GreenDBVirginia Tech311(75)Arizona
 Justin GreenRBMontana522(158)Baltimore
 David GreeneQBGeorgia321(85)Seattle
 James GrigsbyLBIllinois State52(138)Kansas City

Players - G
 Jerry GainesS6'1"188Eastern MichiganInsider Only
 Laroni GallishawCB5'10"193Murray StateInsider Only
 Andy GallowayOG6'4"308UABInsider Only
 Tim GallowayILB6'2"232WashingtonInsider Only
 Dylan GandyOG6'3"304Texas TechInsider Only
 Francisco GarciaLG6'7"190 Insider Only
 Francisco GarciaLG6'7"190 Insider Only
 Lionel GatesRB5'11"222LouisvilleInsider Only
 George GauseDE6'4"275South CarolinaInsider Only
 Phillip GeiggarS5'9"208TexasInsider Only
 Justin GeisingerOG6'3"322VanderbiltInsider Only
 MickaŽl GelabaleTE6'7"210 Insider Only
 MickaŽl GelabaleTE6'7"210 Insider Only
 Dawon GentryS5'11"209Abilene ChristianInsider Only
 Eric GhiaciucC6'4"302Central MichiganInsider Only
 Rob GiancolaWR5'11"219ValparaisoInsider Only
 Steven GibbsOG6'2"348Arkansas StateInsider Only
 Fred GibsonWR6'4"196GeorgiaInsider Only
 Gary GibsonDT6'3"285RutgersInsider Only
 Terence GibsonOT6'5"310Norfolk StateInsider Only
 Tavares GideonWR6'2"201MemphisInsider Only
 Jonathan GieselOG6'3"300CaliforniaInsider Only
 Angelo GigliTE6'11"210 Insider Only
 Angelo GigliTE6'11"210 Insider Only
 John GilchristLG6'3"200 Insider Only
 John GilchristLG6'3"200 Insider Only
 Howard GilmoreWR6'0"194Norfolk StateInsider Only
 Matt GiordanoDB5'10"195CaliforniaInsider Only
 John GlassOG6'4"318RutgersInsider Only
 Kenyun GloverOG6'2"300MemphisInsider Only
 Nehemiah GloverWR5'8"177Texas TechInsider Only
 Jason GlynnC6'1"270TexasInsider Only
 Marvin GodboltS6'0"212TCUInsider Only
 Johnathan GoddardLB6'0"238MarshallInsider Only
 Brian GodfreyDT6'1"290nullInsider Only
 Jonathan GoldenRB6'0"214BaylorInsider Only
 John GoldsberryFB6'2"241PurdueInsider Only
 Ryan GomesTE6'7"245 Insider Only
 Ryan GomesTE6'7"245 Insider Only
 Cory GoodallTE6'3"230Stephen F. AustinInsider Only
 Phil GoodmanWR6'1"221TempleInsider Only
 Patrick GoodpasterDE6'2"272Colorado StateInsider Only
 Mike GoolsbyILB6'3"249Notre DameInsider Only
 Frank GoreRB5'9"208MiamiInsider Only
 Marcin GortatRB7'0"250 Insider Only
 Joey GrahamTE6'7"220 Insider Only
 Joey GrahamTE6'7"220 Insider Only
 Luke GrahamWR6'2"192ColgateInsider Only
 Troy GrahamS6'2"202NC StateInsider Only
 Danny GrangerTE6'8"235 Insider Only
 Danny GrangerTE6'8"235 Insider Only
 Ryan GrantRB6'1"215Notre DameInsider Only
 Alex GreenS6'1"195DukeInsider Only
 Eric GreenDB5'11"198Virginia TechInsider Only
 Gerald GreenLG6'7"200 Insider Only
 Gerald GreenLG6'7"200 Insider Only
 Justin GreenRB5'11"235MontanaInsider Only
 Lionel GreenCB5'11"181North CarolinaInsider Only
 David GreeneQB6'3"226GeorgiaInsider Only
 Orien GreeneLG6'4"208 Insider Only
 Orien GreeneLG6'4"208 Insider Only
 Kelly GriffethTE6'5"284Fort Hays StateInsider Only
 Kris GriffinOLB6'3"221Indiana (PA)Insider Only
 Nate GriffinOT6'5"347MarshallInsider Only
 James GrigsbyLB5'11"249Illinois StateInsider Only
 Eddie GrimesCB6'0"175RutgersInsider Only
 Matt GrootegoedS5'10"218USCInsider Only
 Gregg GuentherTE6'6"245USCInsider Only
 Matt GuiceQB6'11"210Eastern KentuckyInsider Only
 Gino GuidugliQB6'3"229CincinnatiInsider Only
 Brandon GuilloryDE6'3"236Louisiana MonroeInsider Only
 Andrew GumanS6'2"213Penn StateInsider Only
 Ryan GutierrezS5'10"192CaliforniaInsider Only



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