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Drafted Players - O
 Frank OmiyaleOTTennessee Tech527(163)Atlanta
 Dan OrlovskyQBConnecticut59(145)Detroit
 Kyle OrtonQBPurdue45(106)Chicago
 Chad OwensWRHawai'i611(185)Jacksonville

Players - O
 Mike O'brienDE6'5"223IllinoisInsider Only
 William ObengOT6'5"315San Jose StateInsider Only
 Craig OchsQB6'1"218MontanaInsider Only
 Alex OfiliDT6'3"289MichiganInsider Only
 Eric OliverS6'1"209Ole MissInsider Only
 R.J. OliverCB5'9"173Arizona StateInsider Only
 Vinnie OlsonOG6'4"340Sioux FallsInsider Only
 Thomson OmbogaKR6'0"194MissouriInsider Only
 Frank OmiyaleOT6'4"310Tennessee TechInsider Only
 Dan OrlovskyQB6'5"225ConnecticutInsider Only
 Kyle OrtonQB6'4"233PurdueInsider Only
 Alfred OsbourneWR6'1"183Eastern IllinoisInsider Only
 Quintin OutlandOG6'4"345BaylorInsider Only
 Mike OverlyS6'1"231Southern UtahInsider Only
 Chad OwensWR5'7"183Hawai'iInsider Only



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