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Drafted Players - P
 Jeremy ParquetOTSouthern Mississippi724(238)Kansas City
 Roscoe ParrishWRMiami223(55)Buffalo
 Mike PattersonDTUSC131(31)Philadelphia
 Karl PaymahDBWashington State312(76)Denver
 Alvin PearmanRBVirginia426(127)Jacksonville
 Antonio PerkinsDBOklahoma42(103)Cleveland
 Tab PerryWRUCLA616(190)Cincinnati
 Rob PetittiOTPittsburgh635(209)Dallas
 Kenneth PettwayLBGrambling713(227)Houston
 David PollackLBGeorgia117(17)Cincinnati
 Brodney PoolDBOklahoma22(34)Cleveland
 Brady PoppingaLBBYU424(125)Green Bay
 Sione PouhaDTUtah324(88)New York
 Duke PrestonCIllinois421(122)Buffalo

Players - P
 Pat Pa'uDE6'5"254MaineInsider Only
 Scott PaffrathOT6'5"287MissouriInsider Only
 Willie PageDT6'3"278Northwestern Oklahoma StateInsider Only
 Matthew PagelRB5'11"229Wisconsin-La CrosseInsider Only
 William PalmerTE6'3"260Notre DameInsider Only
 Doug ParkerRB5'10"210Florida AtlanticInsider Only
 J'Vonne ParkerDT6'4"325RutgersInsider Only
 Darren ParquetRB5'11"209MemphisInsider Only
 Jeremy ParquetOT6'6"323Southern MississippiInsider Only
 Roscoe ParrishWR5'9"168MiamiInsider Only
 Martin PattersonILB6'1"243TCUInsider Only
 Mike PattersonDT5'11"292USCInsider Only
 Jed PaulsonC6'1"292NC StateInsider Only
 Greg PaulyDT6'5"295Notre DameInsider Only
 Karl PaymahDB6'0"204Washington StateInsider Only
 Brandon PayneCB6'0"183New MexicoInsider Only
 Matt PaynePK6'4"229BYUInsider Only
 Alvin PearmanRB5'9"208VirginiaInsider Only
 Erik PearsOT6'7"312Colorado StateInsider Only
 Thurman PearsonS5'11"200UABInsider Only
 Jason PeeblerWR5'11"214Amherst CollegeInsider Only
 Kenneth PeoplesRB5'11"210SouthernInsider Only
 Will PeoplesWR6'0"190OklahomaInsider Only
 Christian PereiraWR6'3"227MaineInsider Only
 Antonio PerkinsDB5'10"190OklahomaInsider Only
 Justin PerkinsCB5'10"186ConnecticutInsider Only
 Kenneth PerryWR6'1"198North Carolina A&TInsider Only
 Tab PerryWR6'2"229UCLAInsider Only
 Paul PetersonQB6'0"193Boston CollegeInsider Only
 Rob PetittiOT6'5"347PittsburghInsider Only
 Tom PetrieQB6'3"222Northern IowaInsider Only
 Kenneth PettwayLB6'3"236GramblingInsider Only
 Brandon PhillipsOT6'7"310ArizonaInsider Only
 Matt PhillipsFB6'0"254EdinboroInsider Only
 Ryan PhillipsCB5'9"191Eastern WashingtonInsider Only
 Neal PhilpotFB6'3"243Pittsburg StateInsider Only
 John PickensILB6'1"238NorthwesternInsider Only
 Buck PierceQB6'0"211New Mexico StateInsider Only
 Dondrial PinkinsQB6'1"245South CarolinaInsider Only
 Antoine PoliteWR6'2"202Kansas StateInsider Only
 David PollackLB6'2"265GeorgiaInsider Only
 Jonathan PollardILB6'1"247Oregon StateInsider Only
 Jarwarski PollockWR5'7"175North CarolinaInsider Only
 Brodney PoolDB6'1"207OklahomaInsider Only
 Sean PooleOT6'6"284Michigan StateInsider Only
 Brady PoppingaLB6'3"259BYUInsider Only
 Preston PorteeFB5'9"227Missouri StateInsider Only
 Jamil PorterKR5'8"185TempleInsider Only
 Malcolm PostellOLB6'1"225PittsburghInsider Only
 Sione PouhaDT6'3"325UtahInsider Only
 Calen PowellTE6'5"258DukeInsider Only
 Dustin PowellS6'0"239Wisconsin-La CrosseInsider Only
 Duke PrestonC6'5"311IllinoisInsider Only
 Dominique PriceS6'11"215NorthwesternInsider Only
 Cory ProcterOG6'4"291MontanaInsider Only
 Travis PughS6'1"195ClemsonInsider Only
 Bobby PurifyRB6'0"210ColoradoInsider Only
 Matt PusateriS5'11"211Miami (OH)Insider Only



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