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Drafted Players - R
 Jay RatliffDTAuburn710(224)Dallas
 Dave RaynerPKMichigan State628(202)Indianapolis
 Rick RazzanoRBMississippi77(221)Tampa Bay
 Kerry RhodesDBLouisville422(123)New York
 Ryan RiddleLBCalifornia638(212)Oakland
 Dante RidgewayWRBall State618(192)Los Angeles
 Chris RobersonDBEastern Michigan723(237)Jacksonville
 Courtney RobyWRIndiana34(68)Tennessee
 Aaron RodgersQBCalifornia124(24)Green Bay
 Carlos RogersDBAuburn19(9)Washington
 Antrel RolleDBMiami (FL)18(8)Arizona
 Michael RoosOTEastern Washington29(41)Tennessee
 Matt RothDEIowa214(46)Miami
 Stanford RouttDBHouston26(38)Oakland
 J.R. RussellWRLouisville739(253)Tampa Bay
 Barrett RuudLBNebraska24(36)Tampa Bay

Players - R
 Russel RabeOLB6'2"224Minnesota-DuluthInsider Only
 Charles RadfordWR6'0"147West Virginia TechInsider Only
 Mark RadlinskiQB6'1"225Saginaw ValleyInsider Only
 Bryan RandallQB6'0"225Virginia TechInsider Only
 Jason RandallTE6'4"255Michigan StateInsider Only
 Marcus RandallQB6'1"221LSUInsider Only
 Jay RatliffDT6'3"275AuburnInsider Only
 Dave RaynerPK6'2"210Michigan StateInsider Only
 Rick RazzanoFB6'0"238MississippiInsider Only
 Jamaica RectorWR5'9"186Northwest Missouri StateInsider Only
 Darrell ReidDT6'1"285MinnesotaInsider Only
 Duncan ReidTE6'6"219Fresno StateInsider Only
 Fred ReidRS5'9"187Mississippi StateInsider Only
 Lamont ReidCB5'11"195North Carolina StateInsider Only
 Jason RespertOG6'2"303TennesseeInsider Only
 Walter ReyesRB5'10"209SyracuseInsider Only
 Joe RheemPK6'0"217Kansas StateInsider Only
 Kerry RhodesS6'2"209LouisvilleInsider Only
 Eric RiceTE6'3"238MississippiInsider Only
 Ryan RiddleDE6'1"256CaliforniaInsider Only
 Brandon RideauWR6'3"190KansasInsider Only
 Cody RidgewayPT6'1"192MississippiInsider Only
 Dante RidgewayWR5'11"212Ball StateInsider Only
 Justin RiversC5'10"230Eastern KentuckyInsider Only
 Chris RixQB6'2"214Florida StateInsider Only
 Chris RobersonCB5'10"186Eastern MichiganInsider Only
 Derreck RobinsonDT6'4"289IowaInsider Only
 Dominic RobinsonWR6'0"198Florida StateInsider Only
 Leon RobinsonOG6'4"314Georgia TechInsider Only
 Roger RobinsonRB5'9"191Northern ArizonaInsider Only
 Courtney RobyWR6'0"189IndianaInsider Only
 Aaron RodgersQB6'2"223CaliforniaInsider Only
 Joel RodriguezC6'2"285Miami (FL)Insider Only
 Robert RodriguezILB6'1"228UTEPInsider Only
 Antwaun RogersCB6'0"168PurdueInsider Only
 Carlos RogersCB6'0"196AuburnInsider Only
 Mike RogersOG6'3"298RichmondInsider Only
 Antrel RolleCB6'0"201Miami (FL)Insider Only
 Michael RoosOT6'6"320Eastern WashingtonInsider Only
 Junior RosegreenS5'10"189AuburnInsider Only
 Lydell RossRB5'10"223Ohio StateInsider Only
 Matt RothOT6'4"313IowaInsider Only
 Matt RothDE6'3"278IowaInsider Only
 Stanford RouttCB6'1"193HoustonInsider Only
 John RudzinskiOLB6'1"233Air ForceInsider Only
 J R RuffinCB5'11"162IdahoInsider Only
 Stephen RushWR5'9"202Missouri StateInsider Only
 J.R. RussellWR6'3"206LouisvilleInsider Only
 Jason RussellOG6'4"298Central ArkansasInsider Only
 Barrett RuudILB6'2"247NebraskaInsider Only



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