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Drafted Players - S
 James SandersDBFresno State432(133)New England
 Bo ScaifeTETexas65(179)Tennessee
 Gerald SensabaughDBNorth Carolina521(157)Jacksonville
 Adam SewardLBUNLV513(149)Carolina
 Eric SheltonRBLouisville222(54)Carolina
 Darrell ShropshireDTSouth Carolina727(241)Atlanta
 Wes SimsOGOklahoma63(177)San Diego
 Alex SmithQBUtah11(1)San Francisco
 Alex SmithTEStanford37(71)Tampa Bay
 Mike SmithLBTexas Tech720(234)Baltimore
 Adam SnyderOTOregon330(94)San Francisco
 Marcus SpearsDELSU120(20)Dallas
 Nick SpeegleLBNew Mexico62(176)Cleveland
 Chris SpencerCMississippi126(26)Seattle
 Darren SprolesRBKansas State429(130)San Diego
 Scott StarksDBWisconsin323(87)Jacksonville
 David StewartOTMississippi State412(113)Tennessee
 Andy StokesTEWilliam Penn741(255)New England
 Will SvitekOTStanford613(187)Kansas City
 Bill SwancuttDEOregon State610(184)Detroit

Players - S
 Chris SampWR6'2"208Winona StateInsider Only
 Luke SamplesQB6'2"220CatawbaInsider Only
 Eric SampsonS6'2"205ClemsonInsider Only
 Kanan SanchezOG6'2"330Oregon StateInsider Only
 Claude SandersDE6'2"235Fresno StateInsider Only
 James SandersS5'11"205Fresno StateInsider Only
 Michael SandersILB6'1"240HowardInsider Only
 Morris SandersOG6'2"318Western CarolinaInsider Only
 Peter SandsS6'2"220UCFInsider Only
 Derrick SarosiOT6'5"300South FloridaInsider Only
 William SaterfieldDT6'1"304LouisvilleInsider Only
 Steve SavoyWR5'10"182UtahInsider Only
 Bo ScaifeTE6'2"249TexasInsider Only
 Morgan ScalleyS5'10"193UtahInsider Only
 Jay SchicklingS6'0"204St. John FisherInsider Only
 Kyle SchmittC6'4"298MarylandInsider Only
 Chad ScottRB5'8"195North CarolinaInsider Only
 Joseph ScottOLB6'1"233Jackson StateInsider Only
 Albert SeagravesOG6'4"286North CarolinaInsider Only
 Jonas SeawrightDT6'5"348North CarolinaInsider Only
 Gerald SensabaughS6'0"214North CarolinaInsider Only
 Victor SesayTE6'5"278MissouriInsider Only
 Adam SewardILB6'2"248UNLVInsider Only
 Ernest ShazorS6'3"228MichiganInsider Only
 Dan SheldonRS5'8"172Northern IllinoisInsider Only
 Eric SheltonRB6'1"246LouisvilleInsider Only
 Anthony SherrellRB5'9"194Eastern MichiganInsider Only
 Darrell ShropshireDT6'2"301South CarolinaInsider Only
 Jared SiegelPK5'8"193OregonInsider Only
 Chad SieversOLB6'2"225NebraskaInsider Only
 Robert SimpsonOT6'3"307Eastern KentuckyInsider Only
 Wes SimsOG6'5"318OklahomaInsider Only
 Matt SinclairILB6'2"242IllinoisInsider Only
 Aniya SlocumCB6'0"193 Insider Only
 Oj SmallWR6'0"225FloridaInsider Only
 Alex SmithQB6'4"217UtahInsider Only
 Alex SmithTE6'4"258StanfordInsider Only
 Josh SmithS6'0"201 Insider Only
 Leroy SmithCB5'9"189Florida StateInsider Only
 Mike SmithRB6'0"193Texas TechInsider Only
 Miniya SmithOT6'4341Southern UniversityInsider Only
 Tyson SmithOLB6'2"240Iowa StateInsider Only
 Isaac SnellDT6'5"285North Dakota StateInsider Only
 Adam SnyderOG6'5"316OregonInsider Only
 Chris SolomonaDE6'4"289OregonInsider Only
 Stephen SpachTE6'3"244Fresno StateInsider Only
 Marcus SpearsDE6'4"307LSUInsider Only
 Nick SpeegleOLB6'5"243New MexicoInsider Only
 Chris SpencerC6'2"309MississippiInsider Only
 Darren SprolesRB5'6"187Kansas StateInsider Only
 Tj StancilS6'1"208Boston CollegeInsider Only
 Kenny StanfordCB5'8"184DukeInsider Only
 Ronald StanleyILB6'0"235Michigan StateInsider Only
 Scott StarksCB5'8"172WisconsinInsider Only
 Nick SteitzOG6'3"312OregonInsider Only
 Derek StemrichOG6'6"256ColoradoInsider Only
 Dan StephensDT6'1"290PittsburghInsider Only
 Travis StephensonLS6'1"250RiceInsider Only
 Cedrick StevensQB6'3"225ChattanoogaInsider Only
 Dan StevensonOG6'4"298Notre DameInsider Only
 David StewartOT6'6"314Mississippi StateInsider Only
 Clint StockdornOT6'5"321CincinnatiInsider Only
 Chauncey StovallWR6'0"221Florida StateInsider Only
 John StricklandC6'4"300South CarolinaInsider Only
 Cale StubbeOG6'3"298Iowa StateInsider Only
 Taylor StubblefieldWR5'11"174PurdueInsider Only
 Tony StubbsS5'10"203KansasInsider Only
 Steve SubiaOG6'1"380New Mexico StateInsider Only
 Shaun SuishamPK5'11"200Bowling GreenInsider Only
 Steve SuterRS5'8"194MarylandInsider Only
 Tony SuttonRB5'9"184WoosterInsider Only
 Tom SverchekDT6'2"294CaliforniaInsider Only
 Will SvitekOT6'6"286StanfordInsider Only
 Bill SwancuttDE6'4"270Oregon StateInsider Only



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