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After a crazy first round in which half the series went the distance, the conference semifinals have been significantly less competitive. As I tap out this blog entry, we could have three series sweeps and one five-gamer. In that scenario, the second round could be over as early as Saturday night. I'm sure league scheduling executives are working the calendar to plan an unexpectedly early start for the next round.

At present, we seem destined for a Tampa Bay Lightning-Boston Bruins match to decide the East and a San Jose Sharks-Vancouver Canucks showdown in the West. I have to believe those series will take a little bit longer to decide. Of course, I shouldn't get ahead of myself. There's always a chance that something strange might happen.

For now, I'll take an overdue dip into the mailbag to see what readers have on their minds:

Is Bruce Boudreau finished in Washington? --Meredith, Fairfax, Va.

I think so. It seemed there were times during the season that the club came close to making a change. I get the sense that pressure comes from owner Ted Leonsis, rather than GM George McPhee. In the end, if the owner wants to make a change, he makes it.