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Are you nervous today, Canucks fans? I'd think you might be after suffering your second straight butt-whipping by the champs-on-the-brink Chicago Blackhawks, who forced the series back to the United Center for Game 6 on Sunday. After watching Chicago steamroll Vancouver 5-0 on Thursday night, it's not hard to imagine a Game 7 in this series.

In particular, Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith led the charge in Game 5. Both guys seemed to be everywhere for the Hawks. Marian Hossa also came to life, scoring a pair of goals. If these elite players are going to play to that level for the remainder of the series, Canucks fans have quite a bit to worry about.

That brings me to today's edition of "Five for Friday." I'll offer a handful of players who are facing some significant pressure this weekend. I think you know where I'm going to begin.

1. Roberto Luongo, G, Vancouver Canucks