League Still Buzzing Over Trade 

December, 2, 2005
At Thursday night's Penguins-Rangers game, hockey folks were still buzzing about the Bruins' decision to dish Joe Thornton to the Sharks.

Prior to the opening faceoff, I spoke with several pro scouts who were attendance at the Garden -- none of whom said they saw this one coming down the pike. In fact, they pooh-poohed the idea that five teams were in the running for Thornton. (Earlier in the day, Bruins GM Mike O'Connell, speaking at Boston's news conference, said there were five clubs in the running for his former franchise player.)

One scout said he'd heard that the Coyotes had received a call. That does jive with a summertime report (from blog consultant/St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports writer Tom Wheatley) that Wayne Gretzky's team had inquired about Thornton's availability prior to the Bruins re-signing him to a three-year deal in August. If they did get a call, the Coyotes apparently didn't have the necessary package of players to get a deal done.